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What do the children of the popular Hollywood actress Julia Roberts look like now?

Julia Roberts, being a famous and wonderful Hollywood actress, is also a caring mother. The star is a mom of three children. Twins, girl Hazel Patricia and boy Finneas Walter are schoolchildren.


The daughter of the star is currently studying at a private school in Los Angeles. She like her mom is comprehensively developed and likes to learn. Hazel is an excellent student and even tried herself in several films. However, the girl dreams of becoming a model.

Hazel’s twin brother, Finneas still choosing his future profession. And the younger brother, Henry Daniel Moder attends a vocal school and wants to become a singer.


Julia is actually a strict mom. She does not allow children to register in social networks. Therefore, fans get to know the children of the star from random photographs.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder, her husband love taking family photos and sharing them with fans. Recently they have posted a family photo that has become quite popular among fans.

On Mother’s Day, Julia also shared a family photo and once again delighted her subscribers!