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Cher and her 40-year-old lover divorced five months after receiving a diamond engagement ring.

In November 2022, Alexander “AE” Edwards, a man 36 years younger than Cher and the singer-songwriter of Grammy Award-winning hits like “Belief,” became the subject of Cher’s declaration of love.

She excitedly shared her happy discovery, causing a frenzy of enthusiasm. The couple’s photo with the caption “Love doesn’t know math!” appeared in the posts that followed. Cher added that she had already introduced Edwards to her family.

Although their disparity in ages raised some questions, their romance seemed to be strong enough to dispel any doubters.

Cher and Edwards have unfortunately called it quits on their romance after only a few months of dating.

The unplanned union surprised many people, and they criticized the couple’s choice. In response to those who expressed worry, Cher remarked with assurance that she was not naive and understood that no assurance could be given when making a decision; she had always been accustomed to taking risks.

With the simple caption “no words for Alexander,” Cher sparked engagement rumors when she posted an image of a stunning diamond ring over the holidays. Despite the fact that the couple remained silent, their silence only served to spread the rumors.

In March, Cher finally admitted that she and Alexander had worked together musically on a few of the songs for her upcoming album.

She expressed her gratitude for his help with the project and acknowledged her appreciation for his work, noting that he is a producer and a writer.

Contrary to earlier rumors that they were engaged, Cher and her partner recently ended their relationship. Several weeks ago, we arrived at this conclusion amicably and cooperatively.

Before marrying Gregg Allman in 1975, the illustrious singer-actress was previously wed to Sonny Bono.

Vice President of A&R for Dem Jam Recordings Alexander has been dating Amber Rose for three years and has a child with her.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, it is obvious that they still get along and wish each other well.

Such experiences need to be shared publicly because they can inspire people who are going through similar things.

We should all take a moment to appreciate Alexander and Cher’s ability to end their relationship respectfully and to wish them the best in the future.