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He was a lifelong bachelor. Now he’s getting married at age 93.

Joseph Potenzano is 93 and has never been married. About a year ago, he was sitting alone on his sofa at home in Paramus, N.J., when he suddenly thought about his friend, Mary Elkind.

“I realized that I had no one to call, and I was lonely,” Potenzano said. “Mary was in the same situation, so I decided, ‘Why not ask her out?’”

He did not pick up the phone to call her, but he began to hatch a plan.

Potenzano had met Elkind, 83, at his sister’s wedding in 1959. She was the groom’s cousin and the maid of honor, and he was the best man. After the wedding, they’d dated a couple of times, but it hadn’t led to romance.

Still, the pair had chatted at their two extended families’ gatherings over the years, and Potenzano knew that Elkind was widowed in 2014.

“I’m at the age where I have very few friends left — almost all of them have died,” Potenzano said.