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Model Maleesa Mooney’s Cause of Death Revealed

Model Maleesa Mooney’s tragic death shocked the world, and new details have emerged about the horrifying circumstances surrounding her demise. Mooney’s life came to a gruesome end in her Los Angeles apartment on September 12, 2023. Her death was attributed to “homicidal violence,” a fact confirmed by the police.


Mooney’s body was discovered six days after she was last seen alive, thanks to a welfare check initiated by her concerned mother. What they found inside her apartment was beyond disturbing. E! News reported that Maleesa Mooney’s lifeless body was found inside her refrigerator, bound with electronic cords and clothing items. Her wrists and ankles were tightly tied together behind her back, and she was gagged.
An autopsy report provided even more chilling details. Mooney had endured a severe beating, with visible injuries on her head, torso, and arms. What made this tragedy even more heart-wrenching was that, at the time of her death, she was two months pregnant.


The medical examiner’s report highlighted that the blunt force traumatic injuries observed during the autopsy, though not typically life-threatening on their own, strongly suggested that she had been involved in a violent physical altercation before her death.

Furthermore, traces of cocaine and alcohol were found in Mooney’s system, though it remained uncertain whether these substances directly contributed to her tragic demise.

In the absence of clear findings to elucidate the exact cause of death or the sequence of events leading up to it, the medical examiner concluded that Maleesa Mooney’s death was a result of, or at least related to, the actions of another individual or individuals. Her death was officially classified as homicidal violence, marking it as a homicide.

The unsettling part of this story is that, as of the latest reports, it remains unclear whether the police have any substantial leads to identify the person or persons responsible for Maleesa Mooney’s brutal murder. At the age of just 31, her promising life was cut short, leaving many in shock and demanding justice for this senseless act of violence.