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Young Woman Dies In Her Hotel Room After Making A Fatal Bathroom Mistake

A “beautiful” young social media personality was found dead at Liverpool, England’s Adelphi Hotel after a large wardrobe crushed her. Twenty-one-year-old Chloe Haynes woke up in the middle of the night and mistakenly thought that the wardrobe door was the entrance to the bathroom. When she yanked on the door, she pulled the wardrobe onto her, crushing her with its massive weight and ending the young woman’s short life.

Although emergency services rushed to Haynes’s rescue because of “concern for safety,” they found her dead in the historical hotel room at 6:27 am. Her mother, 49-year-old Nicola Williams, claimed that the large wardrobe fell onto her daughter after she got out of bed “confused” following a late night out on the town. The young woman apparently thought that the wardrobe door was the entrance to the hotel bathroom.


Williams, from Wrexham in North Wales, said: “Chloe left Pwllheli around 7.40 pm, and they went to the Adelphi. There was some sort of engagement party or something. By midnight, she had been drinking shots and so on, and she was a bit drunk, so her friend took her back to the hotel to sleep it off, and then he’s gone back out. It seems she has got up out of the bed confused, not knowing where she is, and she’s opened the door of the wardrobe may be thinking it is the toilet or the door to go back out of the room. It was a big, old, heavy wardrobe, and it’s fallen on her and crushed her windpipe.”



Williams reported that Haynes’s friend returned to the hotel room after a late night out on the town and found the 21-year-old victim crushed by the massive piece of furniture. After she entered the hotel room, she was shocked to find the young woman under the weight of the wardrobe that had crashed down upon her in the middle of the night.

The friend shouted for help, and two men from nearby rooms rushed over to help. They lifted the wardrobe off of Haynes, but it was too late for the young socialite. Nevertheless, emergency services were called, and these professionals tried their best to resuscitate the young woman, but there was nothing they could do to bring her back from the dead.
Williams added, “She loved animals. She had a little dog called Archie she was obsessed with. There are so many photos of them together.


“My little nickname for her was birdy. She was so petite and little, and when she ate, she was like a little bird. She was quiet. She was somebody who didn’t speak unless it needed saying. But in the last twelve months, she was coming out of her shell, she was gaining her confidence, and she had a wide circle of friends. She was kind and caring, and she seemed to connect with gay men, and that was how she met the friend she went to Liverpool with.”