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Mansion Owner Hasn’t Washed Herself In 3 Years & Never Washed Her Bedding

“Unconventional Living: The Woman Who Preserved Plas Teg Mansion”
Preserving a Slice of History

Plas Teg, a grand mansion in Wales, holds an intriguing tale of preservation. Acquired by Cornelia Bayley in 1985 for £70,000, this 17th-century architectural marvel holds not only historical significance but also a unique approach to living.

An Unconventional Home
With ten bedrooms and spacious meeting areas, Plas Teg stands as a testament to a bygone era. What sets it apart is its resident, Cornelia Bayley, who has embraced an unconventional approach to maintaining her abode. For 29 years, Bayley hasn’t subjected her carpets, bedsheets, or upholstered furniture to cleaning.

A Journey into Time
Bayley’s firm resolve to preserve the mansion’s original state has led her down an extraordinary path. Despite the challenges and financial strains, she remains committed to living as if in the 17th century. Her dedication, however, has had financial repercussions, leaving her with minimal resources for everyday expenses.

A Home Frozen in Time
Plas Teg, untouched by cleaning for many years, reflects Bayley’s commitment. Bathing is rare, and her bathtub, stained and neglected, epitomizes her frugal living. Her century-old bedsheets and mattress bear witness to this distinctive lifestyle, untouched by modern cleanliness norms.

Embracing the Past
Bayley’s refusal to bathe or clean certain aspects of her home aligns with her belief in living authentically. She perceives herself as living in the present but within the context of a different era. Her approach showcases an extraordinary dedication to historical fidelity.

A Desperate Turn
Financial constraints led Bayley to open her home to the public, offering tours and events. Unfortunately, public interest was limited due to the state of the mansion after years of neglect. Bayley’s noble intent to share her historical treasure was hindered by its uncleanliness.

Intervention and Transformation
Seeking a solution, Bayley enlisted obsessive-compulsive cleaners Hayley and Dann to restore Plas Teg’s charm. Appalled by the neglected conditions, the cleaners embarked on a challenging journey to rejuvenate the mansion.

Facing the Grime
Confronted with Bayley’s extreme lifestyle, Hayley inquired about the last time the bedding was washed. Bayley’s candid response revealed that her bedsheets and mattress, likely over a century old, had never been cleaned. This revelation underscored the unconventional reality of her life.

A Compromise for Cleanliness
Bayley’s resistance to modern cleaning supplies perplexed the cleaners, as she insisted on using only water and sponges. The cleaners raised concerns about the effectiveness of this method in eradicating bacteria, to which Bayley remained unfazed.

A Turning Point
After negotiations, a compromise was reached, allowing the cleaners to utilize cleaning solutions. Bayley’s mansion underwent a transformation that left her content. Though reluctant to embrace modern touches, she appreciated the revived ambiance.

A Legacy in Contrast
While many historic houses are meticulously maintained, Plas Teg stands as a unique testament to an individual’s dedication to historical authenticity. Bayley’s life story, intricately interwoven with the mansion’s history, captures the imagination and curiosity of those who encounter this unconventional tale.