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Steve Wilkos Opens Up About the Last Time He Saw His Longtime Friend, Jerry Springer

Steve Wilkos fondly remembers his last meeting with the late talk show legend,

Jerry Springer. Speaking with Access Hollywood, Wilkos recalled Springer’s message to him a month prior, expressing a desire to meet up in New York.

Although exhausted, Wilkos met with Springer as they hadn’t seen each other for some time. Reflecting on their encounter, Wilkos noted it was unexpectedly nostalgic, with both sharing old memories. “We did that night,” Wilkos remarked, highlighting how Springer warmly embraced him and expressed his affection. Wilkos believes Springer might have been aware of his ailment.

“I think he knew he was sick,” Wilkos shared. Despite sensing something was amiss, Wilkos was unaware of the gravity of Springer’s health, learning only after his passing.