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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter reveals the disturbing truth about his relationship with his late wife Beth.

Duane Chapman, who appeared in an eponymous TV series for eight seasons



is better known by his stage name, Dog the Bounty Hunter. However, his children, half-siblings Bonnie and Cecily, have raised questions about his behavior.

Their exclusion from their father’s marriage to Francie Frane sparked this scandal, which caused public drama. It should be noted that Beth, Bonnie’s mother and Chapman’s lifelong wife, had a throat cancer diagnosis in 2017 and succumbed to the disease in 2019 at 51.

Francie and Dog married two years later, but Bonnie and Cecily were not invited to the wedding. After sharing this information with TMZ, Bonnie vented her frustrations online and shared private facts she had kept secret because “I hoped to maintain a relationship with my father.”

Even though Beth tried to help her father become “the best man he could be,” Bonnie claims that he routinely cheated on her mother. She claimed that frequently, Beth would have to deal with his various infidelities, such as liaisons with friends and strangers.

Bonnie also claims that her father has racist and homophobic attitudes in addition to being adulterous. She believes that her exclusion from his wedding results from his anger with her ongoing involvement in “The System,” a show on the UnleashedTV streaming service.

She claims that her father was fired from the same company for disparaging comments about his castmates, including racial and homophobic epithets. The emphasis of “The System” is on promoting social justice and denouncing police brutality and bigotry.

Bonnie has frequently indicated her disappointment with her father for returning to his prejudiced ways.

Bonnie claims that her father used “horrific slurs” against members of the LGBTQ+ community in response to accusations of homophobia. She also chastised him for being associated with Pastor Greg Locke.

Dog and Francie, conversely, claim that Bonnie and Cecily have been influenced by people who have a vendetta against him and are trying to “sabotage our wedding.” They insist that Bonnie is completely lying about all she stated.

Bonnie’s half-sister Lyssa Chapman, another of Dog’s offspring, refutes Bonnie and Cecily’s claims. According to a tweet from Lyssa, her family adores Bonnie and Cecily and is appalled that they are being used as leverage by dishonest actors to exact revenge on their father. Lyssa underlined that her father loves everyone and is neither homophobic nor racial.