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Three men approach a 77-year-old granny at the ATM; they recognise right away that they made the wrong choice in someone to rob

It’s safe to conclude that the majority of people have a really unique bond with their grandparents.


Compared to parents, they are compassionate, gentle, and typically a touch less harsh when it comes to following the law.

Everyone learns about grandparents from a young age, despite the fact that they are kind and enjoy fulfilling all of their grandchildren’s wishes.

Try not to interfere with them. You are aware of the outcome.

In the case of Grandma Winifred Peel, 77, of Wirral, UK, this is unquestionably the case.

Mrs. Winifred Pell of Bromborough, Wirral, visited an ATM one day to withdraw some cash.

She saw an approaching figure from behind her as she attempted to insert the card pin while standing in front of the ATM. Two men stopped her in her tracks before she could react. Then a further third materialised.

The woman was robbed after one of the robbers used the ATM’s button to withdraw 200 pounds in front of her.

The individuals were clearly robbers, and if Grandma Winifred didn’t take action soon, they would empty her bank account.

However, the woman devised a strategy when one of the males attempted to withdraw the money.

Before the men had to depart the scene, rushing like dogs with their tails between their legs, she was able to seize one of the criminals by the collar and strike him three times with the ATM head.

The perpetrators were detained later that day after Winifred called the police.

One of the males was hurt in the head as a result of Grandma Winifred’s protective move, which is one of the reasons the police were able to identify the individuals.

They were Felix Stoica, Florin Geblescu, and Piper Dumitru, all of whom were 18 years old (19 years old). They all entered guilty pleas in court and were sentenced to prison.

William Beardmore, the case prosecutor, claimed that the thieves arrived in the town by car looking for “easy prey.”

Winifred told Britain’s Metro, “They didn’t care how that affected me.” “I will never have the confidence I previously had,” the person said, “I can state with sure that this experience transformed my life.”

Mrs. Winifred shown a determination that the burglars were unprepared for because she grew up with her three brothers and participated in numerous sports throughout her life.

Grandma Winifred, congrats! We hope that the lesson he gave these crooks will stick with them forever.

Although it goes without saying that you should never try to steal, the attack by three males on a 77-year-old grandma is absolutely despicable.

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