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Newlywed Was Killed By a Man Wielding a Machete While Working At a Dollar Tree

Tragedy struck in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, when 22-year-old Keris Riebel, a newlywed,


lost her life in a horrifying incident at her workplace, the Dollar Tree store. A man armed with a machete entered the store and brutally killed her.

The incident occurred around 4:25 p.m. at the Dollar Tree located at 1120 Wyandot Ave. Despite the arrival of police officers and an ambulance, Riebel was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. The perpetrator, identified as 27-year-old Bethel Bekele, was later apprehended in the 100 block of South Fifth Street, where he was found sitting in a parked car near the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office.

Bekele was subsequently charged with murder. The motive behind this brutal killing remains shrouded in mystery, leaving many questions unanswered. It is unclear whether the victim and her assailant knew each other before the incident or if Riebel was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The entire community has been deeply affected by the loss of this young woman who had recently married the love of her life. Residents of the neighborhood expressed their shock at such a tragic event occurring in what they consider a wonderful place.

In the midst of their grief, Riebel’s family and her husband, who has taken time off work to mourn, received support from her aunt, who initiated a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses. Riebel had a bright future ahead, holding a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources, and she and her husband had plans to start a family and get a pet. Riebel was remembered as a person with a “wonderful spirit with a faith-filled heart” by Wynford Local Schools, where she graduated in 2019.

She was known for her radiant smile, positivity, and optimism. The tragic loss of such a promising young woman has deeply affected the community, and condolences and support pour in for her husband, family, and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time. As the community mourns her loss, there is a collective hope for justice to be served, ensuring that the perpetrator faces the consequences of his actions and is held accountable for the life he took. Rest in peace, Keris Riebel.