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A tragic and beautiful love story

This is a terrible and beautiful love story. Initially meeting, falling in love with, and having a child together, Liz Goodman and Matt Logelin, but Liz passed away shortly after delivery. The things Matt did after she passed away were quite inspirational.

Although Liz and Matt were raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota, their true love story began with an accidental meeting at the gas station.

The year Liz and Matt met was their senior year of high school. Liz drew his attention, and they became inseparable.

They had to acknowledge that they were attending institutions across the nation as their graduation date came closer. While Liz went to California, Matt stayed at the University of Minnesota. The two high school lovers were split apart by this.

The distance didn’t matter to this couple since they persisted and stayed together throughout their studies. Matt thought about pursuing a Ph.D. after earning his master’s degree at the Loyola University of Chicago, but he soon decided he should follow his heart rather than his mind.

In 2005, he packed up his belongings and relocated to Los Angeles, halfway across the country, since he realized he could no longer bear to be so far away from his love. The two continued to live their lives to the fullest after that.

They made memories, went on adventures, and learned more about one another and the environment they lived in. When Matt finally understood that this was it, he asked Liz to marry him by getting down on one knee in Nepal.

On August 13, 2005, Liz and Matt exchanged vows of enduring love in front of their friends and family. Watching these couples seize life and their passion by the horns was thrilling.

The young couple appeared to be enjoying every aspect of their lives. Not just in their romantic relationships but also in their professional life, they were happier than ever.

Liz was employed by Disney as a financial specialist, while Matt was hired by Yahoo! as a project manager in California. Everything just got better after that. The couple chose to start a family after being married for two years in 2007, and they were thrilled to learn Liz was expecting their first child!

Liz and Matt decided to start a blog to keep their Minnesota-based friends and family informed about Liz’s pregnancy progress.

The couple couldn’t wait anymore for the birth of their first child, but Liz’s pregnancy proved challenging. Her doctor recommended she spend a few weeks in bed since she suffered from severe morning sickness. Despite the difficulties, Liz and Matt were upbeat the whole time Liz was pregnant.

Matt watched Liz’s every action, growing increasingly nervous as her pregnancy continued. Seeing his usually vibrant and lively wife on bed rest upset him.

After being admitted to the hospital, Liz was instructed to stay in bed for a few more weeks. Matt continued to post updates to their recently created blog throughout the process. He had no idea what he would need to post on the website shortly.

Due to false alarms, Liz was twice transported to the delivery room because her pregnancy was deemed high risk. Each time, she got there at least seven weeks early. Not willing to take any chances, the doctors kept a close eye on her.

Madeline (Maddy) Logelin was born through an emergency C-section two months early, and the couple welcomed her into their family. On March 24, 2008, Matt and Liz Logelin’s lives were about to change. The newborn daughter weighed 3 pounds, 14 ounces.

Liz barely had a brief opportunity to see the happy new parents’ adorable baby daughter (who was photographed) before medical personnel rushed her to the newborn intensive care unit. Liz had to be kept under observation for 24 hours after delivery, so she could not hold their daughter right away.

Liz was prepared and anxious to see her newborn girl, who was now awake and healthy because everything had been completed. Liz arrived at the ward in a wheelchair.

Matt and his wife were eager to finally have some mother-child time together, so he could understand his disappointment when she suddenly felt dizzy and passed out.

The nurses immediately clarified that it was typical for mothers who had just given birth. They could continue enjoying their time together once Matt became calmer due to this.

Before they had to do a code blue, Matt recalled that everything was going smoothly. People were rushing about, he claimed, and he broke down in tears. Due to a pulmonary embolism, Liz passed unexpectedly soon after giving birth to their daughter Madeline.

Matt was sad since he was now a widower as a result. The pregnant blog was meant to be joyful, but it became a very depressing place once Liz passed away. Matt’s life underwent a radical transformation in just one day.

The first few weeks after the loss of his wife were the worst for Matt. He would reflect on the time his life changed irrevocably because he could not remove his wedding ring. He frequently wondered how he would function in the absence of Liz.

There were obstacles on his way home, and Liz’s memory was wherever he turned. When visitors asked about the child’s mother, Matt would frankly state that she had passed away not long after Madeline was born. It was difficult even to leave the house.

Knowing that his small daughter needed him and that Madeline carried a bit of his cherished wife’s spirit was the only thing that kept him going. Matt, despite his grief, was determined to provide her with the best life he could. He then began contributing to a parenting message board run by his neighborhood newspaper. But his journey didn’t finish there.

On March 24, 2018, Maddy Logelin turned 10. On the same occasion, her mother Liz’s tragic passing had happened ten years earlier. Despite her painful past, her father, family, and friends have done everything they can to surround her with love and happiness.

As Maddy has gotten older, Matt has kept his blog’s information more private. Maddy has learned much about her mother over the years from stories and pictures, and her interest in her has only grown.

One day, she innocently asked her father, “Daddy, did you hold my mommy’s hand when she passed away?” She constantly questions her late mother’s partner about their past pursuits.

Despite his best attempts, Matt’s straightforward explanation to his little daughter can never erase what happened that day. Maddy claimed she loved her Daddy after the conversation, which Matt recalled as precisely what he needed to hear. He said, “I also love you, Maddy.”