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Mom Goes To Hospital Thinking She’s Having Twins, Then Doctor Discovers Something Incredible

Laura Perkins was surprised but at the same time very happy when she heard the unusual news. She has always wanted to be a mother and has tried hard for this. Finally, she managed to get pregnant by following fertility treatments. She and her husband wanted very much to have children and for this, they did everything possible.


Laura even talked to the church members and prayed before receiving the news that she would be pregnant. She was confident that she would be a wonderful mother and went to church with her husband to pray for them to have children.
The pastor told Laura that beautiful things will happen to her and she didn’t know what to expect. According to the Pastor, Laura would receive a great gift that she had been waiting for for a long time.
Laura shared her story on social media and spoke about the long and painful period of fertility.

She was not sure if this would work but she had faith that a miracle would happen, for which she and her husband had prayed a lot for a long time. She went to the hospital and after a visit to the doctor, she discovered that she was pregnant with twins or triplets. Laura and her husband were very surprised because they did not think that something like this could happen.


But they still didn’t know what was waiting for them. At the next visit to the doctor, everyone is shocked. She saw that there were not two or three, but 5 babies in her womb. The surprised doctor added that there were six babies. The couple was speechless but happy at the same time. This was a difficult period for them, but in the end, they managed to join their babies for whom they prayed a lot.