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My Brother Thinks I’m Free Babysitter To His 3 Kids, Constantly Ruins My Plans. Here’s What I Did

In a distressing incident, a 23-year-old mother reported her brother to authorities after he abandoned his three children on her porch.



The brother, aged 27, consistently disregarded her schedule, leaving her to babysit without notice. Fed up with his lack of consideration, she stood her ground when he tried to drop the kids off unannounced.

During one such incident, the brother, undeterred by her plans, insisted on leaving the children at her doorstep. Frustrated and determined not to yield, she threatened to involve the authorities. Ignoring her warning, he left the kids, prompting her to contact the police.

When her brother failed to respond to authorities, Child Protective Services took custody of the children. Facing charges of endangering a child, the brother and his wife lost custody. The niece and nephews, now urging the 23-year-old to become their legal guardian, have found a stable home with her.

Despite her family’s disapproval and blame for the family’s dissolution, she stood by her decision. Commenters supported her, emphasizing the brother’s repeated negligence and the importance of prioritizing the well-being of the children.